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View four short films by James Israel and Jeff Israel in their entirety as well as their Directors Reel, which features a collection of scenes from their film work (2001-2006).

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Face Value

A lonely office worker from another country becomes entranced by a seductive barfly.

2006, 17.32 min., Color - 24P HD
The Tourist

A woman afraid to leave her Brooklyn apartment makes a puzzling discovery as she struggles with her dreams, memories and the mundane.

2005, 15 min., B/W & Color - Super 8
Terrain Vague (2002)

An unearthly exploration of a post-industrial landscape where sounds from the past continue to hang in the air.

2002, 7 min., B/W & Color - Super 8
Back and Forth (2001)

A girl happily swings, while not far away, a businessman begins his ascent up an endless set of stairs. The young artist is not so foolish. She is merely drawing the many skyscrapers that inhabit lower Manhattan. Or is she?

2001, 4 min., - Super 8
Directors Reel - James Israel and Jeff Israel

This video includes scenes from five short films produced 2001-2006. It conveys a range of styles and formats, including the Super 8 experimental imagery of The Tourist and ends with two scenes from their narrative short film, Face Value, which was shot in 24P high definition.

(Quicktime, 31.6 megs, 5 min TRT)
2001-2006, B/W & Color - Super 8, DV, 24P HD